3 Questions Every Great Leader Should Ask Their Team

3 Questions Great Leaders Ask Their Employees 

As an employer, one of your greatest assets is the strength and effectiveness of your team. After all, your employees show up to work each day to help operations run smoothly and contribute to the overall success of the organization. As their manager, it's easy to become engulfed by tunnel vision, especially when performance and productivity are yielding impactful results. Despite how things may appear on the outside, great leaders recognize the value of proactively connecting with their employees to discuss their opinions and gain important insight. 

Encouraging an open dialogue will not only provide you with the knowledge need to drive the company to new heights, but it'll also boost employee morale and engagement as your staff will feel empowered and appreciated. To do this, make sure you are asking your team the following 3 questions at each monthly meeting. 


#1. What Resources Do You Need to Help Fuel Your Success?

At times, an employee's success can plateau because they aren't provided the resources necessary to further their development. For instance, you may have an all-star associate on your team whose work has suddenly begun missing the bar in recently. From your daily interactions, it's clear that they have undeniable potential. So, why are the numbers not reflecting this? Before assuming that lack of productivity or laziness is to blame, you should sit down with this individual and ask why they're struggling to accomplish goals. An important question to pose is, "what resources are you lacking or what can I provide you to help you succeed." It may be something as simple as needing a quiet space to work or a more efficient way to communicate with other departments. 

#2. What Do You Think We Should Do Differently?

Employees are intuitive. They spend a bulk of their week performing their assigned tasks, surrounded by the same group of coworkers. Your employees will be able to see when something is hindering the success of the company. If you’re a manager who frequently stays in your office or spends a majority of your time in the field, you may not be aware of the little things that are negatively affecting workflow. By asking your staff what can be done differently or improved upon, it can open up your eyes to problems you were not aware of. And sometimes, it merely takes a simple remedy to realign the team and get things back on track. 

#3. What Did You Accomplish This Month?

Personal accountability is huge part of professional development and success. Asking your employees what they've accomplished each month and what their goals are the next one, is an excellent way to empower your team, recognize their hard work, and lend a helping hand if a staff member communicates hardships. You want to motivate your staff to help move the company forward, while encouraging their own personal growth and highlighting their accomplishments. When your employee succeeds, everyone succeeds!