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Ring in the New Year by Exploring New Career Opportunities

Champagne toasts, rainstorms of confetti, and the iconic Times Square Ball Drop marked the start of the 2018 year. Along with the usual celebrations comes the time-honored tradition of establishing our New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you're committed to following a new diet, saving money, or jet-setting to new places, it's important not to let your resolve waver as the months go by.  A new year means new opportunities to meet your goals, including those relating to your career and professional development. Here are a few reasons why partnering with a staffing agency can help you accomplish some of your work-related goals.

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HBO's Westworld: a Story of Cowboys, Robots, and the Importance of Recognizing a Good Employee

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Despite being a fictitious series based in a  futuristic utopia, HBO’s Westworld provides an important narrative on the delicate balance between supply and demand. The plotline centers around a very John-Wayne-esque theme park where the main attraction is eerily lifelike robots called “hosts.” With dozens, if not hundreds of storylines occurring simultaneously, the park's scriptwriters must continuously concoct new and innovative ways to entertain their customers - from nomadic cowboys leading a bounty hunt to booze-filled saloon's that are home to brawling and frivolity. 

With satisfied customers frequenting the western wonderland, the park experiences an uptick in revenue growth and a corresponding influx of shareholders. What keeps patrons coming back for more? The staff who run it, Westword shows us that employing the right individuals can have a transformational impact on the success of the company. converting a mere concept on paper to a full-fledged, prosperous establishment.

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Walkers, Business, and Strength in Numbers According to The Walking Dead

"Great things in business are never done by one person;
they're done by a team of people."
– Steve Jobs

They may have lived in a post-apocalyptic reality, but in AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, the characters learn that evading the gruesome Walkers requires a cohesive strategy. Through coordination and collaboration, Rick and his survivors taught us the importance of forming valuable business relationships. When the putrid, corpse-like Walkers are salivating for a taste of you or your loved one for dinner, you'll need a reliable companion by your side. No company is successful without forging critical internal and external partnerships. These relationships will help propel the business towards their overaching goals. 

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The Importance of Measuring Soft Skills


As an employer, navigating the turbulent waters of the recruiting process presents new learning opportunities every day. After hopeful candidates submit their resumes for review, their level of experience is typically the determining factor behind whether or not they qualify for an interview. Employers quickly scan a resume to ascertain the type of degree or certification they possess, as well as if their work history aligns with the position they applied for. While evaluating professional qualities are essential to the hiring process, most hiring managers overlook the importance of soft skills.

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