Career Advice We Can Learn from Game of Thrones Characters

Career Advice We Can Learn from Game of Thrones Characters


The fictional world of dragons and white walkers in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones provides nail-biting, binge-watching entertainment value. But aside from the allure of warring families, the show offers useful real world advice, drawing significant parallels to the business world. Much that goes awry is due to the breach of contracts, and the successful bonds that are forged between the characters can be chalked up to good career tactics. Here are some notable lessons the key players of Westeros have taught us over the years.

Brienne of Tarth

The fearsome Amazonian warrior lives a life dedicated to the ones she serves. Regardless of distractions that attempt to lead her astray, Brienne always stays the course and completes her mission. Even when Sansa Stark first refused her services, Brienne exercised persistence in the face of rejection. Because of her tenacity, she eventually won over Sansa. In business, it’s easy to become discouraged when something doesn’t go our way. Don’t be downtrodden; instead, channel your inner Brienne of Tarth and stay determined.


Tyrion Lannister

Poor Tyrion Lannister had the odds stacked against him. Although his physical appearance has caused him to be the subject of ridicule, he doesn't let it impact him negatively. Tyrion is a well-informed character, never shying away from the opportunity to pick up a book. Main protagonist, Jon Snow, once noticed this trait in Tyrion, saying. “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge." It’s important to do your research and remain witty as ever. Out of the many lessons to be learned from this Lannister, it’s that knowledge is power.


Theon Greyjoy

No one can deny Theon Greyjoy has made a lot of mistakes. In fact, he’s still making them. Everyone makes errors in judgment, but only a seldom few will admit when they have. While no stranger to blunders, Theon realizes what he’s done and he admits to the wrong he’s done. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself, so you can learn from the decisions you’ve made and continue to grow personally and professionally. 



Since episode one, the goal of House Targaryen was to see their family sit on the Iron Throne again. Once Daenerys figured out that her brother would be unable to procure the throne, she began doing everything in her power to work towards this objective. Throughout the series, the Dragon Queen has freed slaves, taken in the misfortunate, and liberated armies of mistreated soldiers. The compassion she has for the underdogs makes her a strong queen and one many want to follow. As a leader, you want to be as goal-oriented and empathetic as you can. Those working for you will be more likely to want to exceed expectations knowing their boss is on their side.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re attempting to regain the Iron Throne or putting on a suit every day, business really consists of a few common denominators - always nurture your professional relationships, work to increase your knowledge, and don't break someone's trust just to make a quick buck. Approach every situation with a positive mindset and don't let adversity bar you from achieving the success you're capable of.