8 Ways to Celebrate National Allied Health Professionals Week

8 Ways to Celebrate National Allied Health Professionals Week

This week, November 5th – 11th, is Allied Health Professionals Week. Whether you’re a speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist, this week is all about YOU, and the invaluable contributions allied health workers make to the healthcare space. While we believe these individuals deserve praise 365 days of the year, this week is all about honoring their dedication to the field.

Always on the front line of quality patient care, these professionals work tirelessly to ensure they continue to have a positive impact on the delivery of health care. There are over 200 sub-specialties under the allied health umbrella, with workers in this field accounting for approximately 60% of the entire U.S. healthcare industry. Despite the enormity of those working in the allied health field, these individuals are often overlooked.

So, in honor of Allied Health Professionals week, it’s time to focus our resources and gratitude on the hard-working individuals who make up the allied health field. Whether you’re a patient, hospital administrator, healthcare professional, or practice manager, here are a few ways to join in the festivities this week and honor the allied workers in your life.

#1. Treat them to lunch or team up with other staff members to organize a breakfast in their honor.

#2. Write a personalized thank you note or put together a short video featuring staff members at your facility showing their appreciation.

#3. Bring in some sweets for a little mid-afternoon sugar rush.

#4. Get social. Encourage everyone to give thanks or share meaningful stores on their social media pages using the hashtag #HPW2018 or #AlliedHealthWeek.

#5. Make posters and hang them around your facility in celebration of the occasion. Similarly, let your creativity run wild and decorate the staff lounge area to highlight this special week.

#6. Don’t forget to acknowledge the hard work of former allied health colleagues by sending them a thank you card or email.

#7. Create a basket filled with gifts that are local to the area. It’ll be a touching reminder of their time spent working at your facility. If you have any company-branded tees or mugs, throw those in there for good measure.

#8. Work with several allied health professionals? Design a contest purely for those individuals where the winner receives a restaurant voucher, gift card, or special prize of your choice.


We’d love to hear your stories! If you’re an allied health professional, tell us why you love what you do and how your team is celebrating you this week! If one of your colleagues is an allied health worker, tell us what your facility is doing to honor them this holiday!

Enjoy Allied Health Professionals Week!