Conquering the First Day Back to Work After a Holiday with Ease

Conquering the First Day Back to Work After a Holiday with Ease Sleeping in until noon, binge-watching hours of Netflix, and spending time with family and friends are some of the highlights of a holiday vacation. After weeks of arduous work, some much-needed time off from your daily grind is the perfect opportunity to recharge your brain. Whether your days were filled with traveling or you decided to get cozy with a good book, taking the time to reset means you'll be refreshed and ready to bring your A-game when Monday morning rolls around.

For most people, reacquainting yourself with an alarm clock and work routine seems like an impossible feat. However, rest assured, everyone in the working world is in the same boat, and with a few of these handy tips, you'll be ready to conquer your return to the work with ease.

An Organized Desk Equals an Organized Mind

On your first day back in the office, invest a few minutes of your time towards organizing your workspace. While this may seem like an unimportant task when compared to the hoard of emails residing in your inbox, a messy desk can leave you feeling disorganized and ultimately hinder your ability to concentrate on work. Get all the necessary paperwork in order, throw out that 4-day-old coffee, and organize your to-do list. Rather than feeling like you've been hit by a typhoon of chaos, take the time to get organized and you'll be thankful when your work day flows seamlessly. 

Set Expectations

If you were out for four or more days, you’re not going to get everything done in one day. Be realistic. Know what you can and cannot finish and devise a schedule that's designed to help you tackle one project at a time. Start with the most pressing tasks and put aside the work that can be completed at a later time. Assuming everything has to be done within an eight-hour span is stressful, not plausible, and will leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

Spread Positivity

While returning to the office after a holiday or long weekend may sometimes feel like a cruel joke, showing gratitude for the time off versus slumping into your cubicle with a disgruntled attitude will have a positive impact on your work. You can severely hinder your productivity, and happiness, by focusing on how badly you'd rather be in bed. Step into the office feeling inspired and greet your fellow coworkers with a smile - your positivity will be welcomed with enthusiasm. If you took a few extra days off and one of your coworkers provided coverage for you while you were away, be sure to say thank you to that person. Creating an air of positivity is infectious and may just be the missing ingredient that you and your coworkers need to make the day feel like a piece of cake.