How to Give Your Job the Ultimate Makeover to Fit Your Life

How to Give Your Job the Ultimately Makeover to Fit Your Life

Is it possible to find harmony between your personality and preferences and what's expected of you in the workplace? I'm not suggesting that you stroll into the office on your first day at a new job with a Drake song blasting from your iPhone and a stained tee with a glorious snapshot of Chuck Norris on it. However, there are steps you can take to feel more comfortable in your role and customize it in a way that fits your needs. By transforming your role into something greater than just a title, you'll attract the attention of your superiors, who will appreciate the initiative, and you'll be able to realize new levels of success. 

When you invest the time to mold your position into something that fits your strengths, it'll help you gain clarity on your long-term career goals and boost your motivation in the workplace. You may think to yourself, how is this even possible? If the company puts a description down on a job board, they want exactly what they asked for; no more and no less. But the truth is, taking the initiative to make the role truly yours will help you stand out as an employee and feel like you are in control. Here's how!


Shape Your Job to Fit You

Do you remember those teachers back in grade school that didn't care how you arrived at an answer, as long as you got it right? What many workers fail to realize, is there are usually more efficient and effective ways of getting your job done, but people often resort to old methods and will perform tasks as they were originally instructed. Don't be afraid to take the reigns when you see an opportunity to refine an outdated process or put a creative spin on how information is presented. Leveraging your skill set and injecting a pinch of personality into your work can open up new doorways for the company and your career.

Find a Way to Learn and Grow

The quickest way to become uninspired and unmotivated at work is to stop learning. When you make a concerted effort to always invest time in your professional development, you'll begin waking up each morning with a renewed sense of energy. Look for ways in which you can utilize your strengths each day, expand your experience in areas you're looking to master, and expose yourself to new skills or software that can increase your value as an employee. By putting your talents on display and showcasing your commitment to personal growth, your supervisor will begin trusting you with new responsibilities. 

Loving Your Work

Mindlessly typing away at your desk, without exercising any creative input of your own, will become monotonous and unbearable. Always add yourself to the equation. By inserting your personality and strengths into your work, you'll discover a whole new interest in your work and start to notice an increase in your productivity level. Taking a position and making it your own will yield outcomes that you never thought were possible when you initially interviewed for the role. When your work inspires you, it will have a transformative impact on how you approach your day-to-day responsibilities, which will instill a sense of motivation in your coworkers and leave a lasting impression on your manager. After all, positivity is contagious.

It’s easy to assume that accepting a position means you’re locked into what was initially outlined in the job description. However, by learning how to break free from constraints, and bring yourself to the front-line of your job, you'll achieve more success than you could ever imagine. Instead of making excuses, make an effort to go above and beyond the call of duty and really take command of your role. This way, it shows your superiors that even after a promotion and a change of title, you’ll still thrive at any level, thus making you a valuable and indispensable member of the company.