Happy National Staffing Employee Week

Happy National Staffing Employee Week 

This week (Sept 24th - 30th) is National Staffing Employee Week, a time to celebrate the contributions of the millions of temporary and contract employees that work for America's staffing agencies each week.

We know firsthand how stressful job searching is. Among all the job-related search engines, social media, and confusing company websites, it’s hard to know if you’re contacting the right people and communicating your skills and accomplishments in an effective, meaningful way. When working with a staffing agency, however, you don’t have to navigate the job hunt alone; we’re your biggest advocates and finding you work is our number one priority.

Whether you just graduated college, are looking for a mid-career change, or were unexpectedly let go from your job, partnering with a staffing agency will expose you to a number of opportunities for career growth and advancement. If you’re afraid to take the plunge, here are some upsides to signing up with a staffing agency to help aid you in your job search.


Getting Your Foot in the Door

Aren’t you tired of mindlessly sending out your resumes to companies that never get back to you? It sometimes feels as though you’re shooting off your resume into a black hole that gobbles up resumes, but never spits out any response. With a staffing agency, you are handing off your CV to an experienced recruiter who will not only advocate for you, but also give you feedback from clients. 


Guidance and Advice

How often in your job search do you really get a grasp on a company's culture or receive actual feedback from your interview? When you apply to a job online, you’re just seeing the specs. Perhaps there are some photos on the website, but do you really know what it’s like in that office on a day to day basis? A recruiter will provide you with insight on the team you’ll be working with, as well as give you feedback on how your interview went. They'll also offer personalized guidance on crafting an effective resume and how to nail your interview. 


Get Jobs Before They Hit the Market

Sometimes what you see is not what you get. A company’s website may have jobs posted on it, but there are most likely positions they have decided not to display. These can be confidential, new created, or high-level positions that the company has entrusted a staffing agency to fill. So, by aligning yourself with a staffing agency, you’re able to gain exposure to top secret positions that require maximum security clearance to access. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but the point is, you’ll be able to submit your application to roles that are not readily available to just anyone in the job market.

It’s National Staffing Employee Week and while employing contract and temporary staff couldn't be accomplished without talented recruiters, it would also be impossible without all the talented job seekers out there. Our goal in the staffing world is to make sure we make the right connections between employee and employer and since we know that it’s not always easy to stand out in a sea of people, staffing agencies make that challenge a little bit easier.