How AI Is Sculpting the Future of Recruitment

How AI Is Sculpting the Future of Recruitment

The phrase 'Artificial Intelligence,' often elicits visions of futuristic, sci-fi realities that Hollywood has so brilliantly manufactured for us. Computer-generated programs with aspirations of eliminating the human race, subsequently catapulting us into some horrific dystopian future, might be captivating for moviegoers and avid readers, but isn't an accurate depiction of the current technological advancements being made in the field. 

Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of our everyday lives, infiltrating nearly every industry, including the labor market. While some companies have yet to utilize digital programming, 38% of corporations already use related applications and forecasters estimate that approximately 62% of businesses will use these programs by 2018, according to a study conducted by the National Business Research Institute.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how business automation will become an indispensable resource for satisfying recruiting and hiring requirements. There will be a time, not too long from now; where not only will you come to rely on such systems, but you will wonder why you weren’t leveraging these tools sooner.

Chat Bots

While doing research, I’ve found that one of the major tools being utilized in the talent seeking world is chats bots. Not dissimilar to messaging applications, these helpful “assistants” provide a pathway for job seekers and recruiters to forge a connection. Eager candidates may have questions surrounding the specs of a particular opening at your company and these inquiries are regarding topics that you repeatedly discuss with potential hires. With the use of a chat bot, the needs of your talent pool can be satisfied without consuming your valuable time.  

Find Only the Best

Reviewing every single resume is not only time-consuming, but you’re never guaranteed to find your star candidate among the mountain of CVs. This may sound a little harsh, but there are more poorly executed resumes than there are good ones out there. This could take a huge amount of time from your day, which could have been spent finding only those best qualified for the position you have an opening for.

There are a number of digital systems that use pre-defined algorithms to filter through resumes, massively improving the efficacy of your department. Beamery is a candidate relationship software that can actively help in finding the best talent out there by sifting through all social media sites to pull certain resumes.

There are other programs that will weed through resumes to make sure you are only shown ones that match your search criteria. The beneficial thing about using such an application is that you are spending your time more efficiently by evaluating decent resumes rather than ones that miss the mark.

A Way Not to Be Bias

Perhaps one of human being’s worst traits is being biased. When you have looked through enough resumes, you begin becoming more judgmental than need be. Business Automation can easily skip this and hand you resumes of great candidates. ThisWayGlobal is another search-based application that bypasses all biases and simply gives you the best potential employees to pick from based on data.

Free Up Space

The truth of the matter is that AI would replace some mundane tasks that normally rest upon a human’s shoulders. Here’s where that robotic dystopia becomes a reality for some people, but fret not. While there are some roles that would be better filled by a digital application, this simply means more occupations are opened up to higher level activities. By allowing a program to do the “grunt work,” you can focus more of your energy on bigger tasks such as employee retention, brand marketing, etc.


The idea of providing jobs to data processing programs may seem frightening at first, but you should look at these applications as assistants in the pursuit of qualified candidates. Utilization of Artificial Intelligence means you can easily boost revenue and improve your internal hiring processes. The way of the future doesn’t have to be scary if you’re a part of making it.