How Temporary Jobs Can Help You Get a Foot in the Door

How Temporary Jobs Can Help You Get a Foot in the Door

Whether you’re facing the pressure of acing final exams, making your first student loan payment, or learning how to navigate the wildly competitive labor market for the first time, getting your foot in the door isn’t easy. If you’re still a student, nabbing a job that is both rewarding and suitable for your erratic schedule of classes, lectures, and studying may seem extremely difficult. While it may take a bit of added effort, you don’t have to work a job that you wholeheartedly despise.

Similarly, for recent grads or career changers, you can break into your target industry without taking an unrelated position just to foot the bills. Starting your career with a temporary job is a great way to get experience in your field of choice with the flexibility to complement the varying lifestyles of students and recent graduates. Here’s how taking a temporary job can work for you.


Explore Different Career Paths

When it comes to temporary jobs, you have the opportunity to take the wheel and test-drive various positions to evaluate which path is the best fit for you. While theoretical knowledge can be procured from attending lectures and conducting research for mid-term essays, there is no substitute for real-world experience. The practical knowledge you’ll gain from actually working in the field is not only valuable for building your resume, but it’ll also provide you with insight into the type of career path that best aligns with your goals.

Temporary positions are the perfect gateway for testing a medley of career options, including the job you’ve had your heart set on since you received your college acceptance letter. The only way to gauge what your professional preferences are is to explore different cultural offerings, corporate structures, and company sizes. Once you’ve gained some insight on what criteria best suits your individual strengths and needs, you’ll be able to leverage your experience to break into the career of your choice.


Build a Network of Advocates

In the business world, networking can have a significant impact on the future of your career. Working a temporary position allows you to forge new connections with industry personnel that you never would have met otherwise. Building relationships with key players in your industry can lead to subsequent introductions down the road, furthering your chance of landing a job with a great employer. You’ll also have an advantage over competitors if a full-time position becomes available at a company you've previously worked as a temporary employee for. Your past coworkers and supervisors will be your team of advocates, vouching for your candidacy as you go through the hiring process for a future opening.


Advance Your Skill Set

From newbie workers and students to career changers, temporary work assignments enable you to progress and expand your professional skills and experience. Temporary positions provide a foundation for you to strengthen your resume and build upon your breadth of knowledge, which you can use to create a more enticing value proposition with future prospective employers. Nothing is better than getting paid to learn different management styles, soft skills, software, and organizational structures first-hand.


A Personal Sidekick for Your Job Hunt

By partnering with a recruitment agency, you’ll get the specialized attention you need to land a temporary position in the industry you’re vying for. For students and recent graduates, funds are low, your time is scarce, and being picky about the work you choose is simply not an option. However, there are more preferable alternatives to working a job that’s unrelated to your desired field and leaves you feeling like a hamster running on a never-ending wheel. Temporary jobs allow workers to gain valuable work experience while also satisfying their financial obligations. After all, you’ll have to pay your cable bill if you plan to continue your binge-watching escapes.


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