Improve Your Career, One App at a Time

 Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Career


From Pokémon Go and Uber Eats to perusing your Twitter feed and the latest deals on Amazon Prime, your mobile device is like a pocket-sized computer that connects us to the World Wide Web. Of the millions of applications available for download, there is an entire breed of job-related software designed to boost productivity, enhance your focus, and help you successfully complete work projects. Whether you are constantly submerged in a pile of paperwork, a business traveler, or looking to add a little organization to your workflow, these apps will help you make the most of the work day.


Remember chat rooms? They were the milestone of the dial-up internet era. Slack works in a similar capacity, facilitating communication between coworkers. Slack’s easy accessibility has allowed both small and large business teams to collaborate and exchange information on one channel regardless of geographical location (which is ideal for remote workers). Share files, project updates, client correspondence, and more with this widely popular app. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop devices, Slack is free to download and can integrate directly with a number of other software for maximum efficiency.


A simple solution for storing files via the cloud, Dropbox is free on iOS and Android with an option for upgraded features for $9.99. Upload business documents or photos from your mobile devices, share files with colleagues, and even annotate your records with comments.


For most of us, keeping track of the heaping pile of passwords we’ve accumulated seems like an unwelcomed chore. Over-simplifying passwords so they are easy to memorize can be dangerous – especially in a generation where data breaches are a common occurrence. 1Password offers a secure platform for storing sensitive log-in information and can be accessed on any iOS, Android or desktop device. What’s more, the app will generate passwords for you, so next time that dreaded ‘your password has expired' message populates the screen, you won’t have to wrack your brain for a new string of letters and numbers. Install free Google Chrome and Safari extensions to have 1Password auto-populate your information where applicable. Enjoy 1Password’s free version or upgrade for $9.99. 



The headspace app has been flourishing in popularity as employees are reaping the benefits of exercising positivity with guided meditation sessions. A mere 10 minutes of dedication each day is proven to increase focus, improve productivity, and boost your quality of sleep. Whether you leverage the app as a tool for unwinding after a stressful day at the office or use it in the morning to jump-start your day, Headspace is available on Android or iOS and includes a free trial and several subscription options.

Scanner Pro

Environmentally sustainable practices have been shaping the way companies conduct business. Scanner Pro is a paperless solution for scanning and creating editable PDF documents. It’s a great way to organize that pile of paperwork or business receipts towering over your desk like a dark cloud. Even ideas doodled onto a napkin during a lunch meeting can be transformed into clear, readable files. Purchasable on iOS for $2.99, Scanner Pro allows you to save vital business files, share documents with others, and even upload records to providers like Dropbox that store information via the cloud.


Owned by Microsoft, the task management app offers a customizable, user-friendly interface that promotes collaborative business pursuits. Whether you’re managing multiple projects, brainstorming ideas for a new creative undertaking, or developing a personal to-do list, Wunderlist can be accessed from any device and allows users to share, comment, set up notifications, and handle business tasks with ease. While the app is free, it also offers a subscription option for businesses who wish to access Wunderlist’s pro features for a reasonable monthly fee.


Workflow certainly lives up to its slogan, “powerful automation made simple,” offering a simple drag and drop platform to connect workflows across various apps that normally don’t speak with one another. Available only on iOS for $3,99, Workflow has limitless possibilities – order an Uber to transport you to the next business meeting on your calendar, send a message containing a screenshot of an upcoming networking event, and combine sheets from apps with a share sheet to create one PDF.


Email is the number one culprit of derailing your productivity. You open up your inbox, which has become inundated with emails overnight, and begin sifting through the never-ending mountain of communication. Cue the subsequent panic that arises when you catch a glimpse of the time two hours later. With Spark, you can dash through hundreds of emails in a fraction of the time. The free app, available on iOS and Apple Watch, is fitted with a specialized detection software that maps out messages and groups similar emails into categories for a simple, organized way to address important emails first.

Khan Academy

This non-profit application is an innovator in the education landscape, distributing over 10,000 videos covering a wide spectrum of subject matter for free. Expand your expertise in your given industry or master a new subject that has always fascinated you. They’ve formed partnerships with powerhouses like NASA, MIT, and The Museum of Modern Art to provide customized lessons from the world’s leading experts. Interactive exercises provide detailed instructions, the ability to handwrite your answers directly on your device, and immediate feedback with the answers. Download it for free on Android and iOS.


Offering an integration with iMessage, Doodle offers an ingenious, simple outlet for scheduling meetings. Any appointment involving more than three people means coordinating a slew of hectic work schedules to find a time that is convenient for all parties involved. Free for iOS and Android, Doodle is compatible with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars and harmonizes differing schedules by deploying a poll for users to note when they are available.


Traveling to another city for an important business meeting with a prospective client? Nothing kills a potential deal like arriving your appointment 15 minutes late. With Citymapper, you can easily navigate the labyrinth of public transit options and schedules without getting lost and pulling out your hair. Citymapper steers you from one destination to another like a virtual chauffeur and even sends notifications to inform you that your stop is coming up. This free app is available on Android and iOS and is a perfect solution for mapping out your route before heading out into the bustling streets of a new city.