16 Memes About Jobs & Office Life That Are Hilariously Accurate

Each day you wake up (after pressing snooze several times), put your game face on, and start cranking out work that’s worthy of those highly-coveted golden stars you earned in grade school. Every day is a new experience: from your Nobel Prize-worthy achievements to the embarrassing slip-ups where you can’t believe you accidentally pressed “send.”

There’s the laughter-filled coffee breaks with your work buddies, the nerve-wracking presentations, the frustrating afternoons where you have to sit through another political debate (what happened to that being an off-limits topic of conversation?), the colleague who never fails to stink up the kitchen with smelly food, and the days where your boss is on a rampage and should be avoided at all costs.

For the days that feel too long or when you’re in need of a little break to refresh your slumping productivity level, we’ve got the perfect treat for you. Here are 16 work-related memes for a little distraction, and entertainment, to refuel your motivation.


#1. When you find a position that 'promises' you'll make half a million dollars in the first month of your new gig...

If That Job Listing Is Real, Then So Is This Photo

#2. When your student loan payment is rejected because they claim Monopoly money isn't an acceptable form of cash.

Interviewer: Why Do You Want This Job?

#3. When a new employee starts and you volunteer to show them the ropes.

When They Ask You To Show The New Employee Around 

#4. Ah that glorious first day of work...you were so young and innocent then.

When You First Started Your Job VS. You At Your Job Now

#5. When your boss expects you to be punctual no matter what the circumstances are. 

Bosses Be Like: You Still Coming In, Right?

#6. When your coworkers ask you to hang out outside of work.

When Your Coworkers As You To Hang Out

#7. That one coworker who will not stop pestering you with dumb questions. Not. Today. Karen.

That One Coworker That Asks Dumb Questions 

#8. When food inexplicably goes missing from the company refrigerator. 

When Food Goes Missing From The Company Refrigerator

#9. Think we can all sympathize with the all-consuming panic that strikes when your boss walks past your desk.

When Your Boss Comes Around And You Try To Look Busy

#10. The struggle of trying to be a financially responsible adult.

When Pay Day Arrives

#11. Trying to stay positive on the verge of a mental breakdown.

You're At Work So You Gotta Chill

#12. That feeling you get when you finally make it to the weekend.

When You Finally Make It To The Weekend

#13. Finally finishing that huge pile of work on your desk, only to be given more responsibilities.

You Finished Work So You Can Work Some More

#14. Hitting snooze on your alarm clock for the 17th time.

When Your Alarm Goes Off Before Work

#15. Those rough days when you're struggling to make it through.

When You Just Don't Feel Like Working

#16. When you just need a few, precious minutes to yourself during the work day.

How Long You Can Stay In The Bathroom Without Being Fired

We all need a little mental refresher throughout the day. Binge on some memes, start spreading the smiles, and get back to being the best employee you can be!