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Mar 08. 2018

4 Defining Traits of a Successful Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs are a cost-effective recruitment strategy that can significantly reduce your company’s average time-to-fill. ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Feb 27. 2018

Grab the Popcorn: These On-Screen Bosses Are Too Horrible to Be True

Throughout cinematic history, Hollywood has delivered a medley of terrible on-screen bosses. From micromanagers ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Feb 20. 2018

The Importance of Investing in Employee Training Programs

Built into your company’s genetic code is a set of beliefs, ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Feb 14. 2018

Valentine's Day Career Advice: The Similarities Between Interviewing and Dating

It’s February 14

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

Feb 08. 2018

While job searching can be tedious and feel like your resume has been hurdled into a deep sea of nothingness, crafting a winning LinkedIn profile can be the difference between scoring the role of your dreams or landing in the rejected pile.

author: Tia Fabi

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Jan 31. 2018

Wondering What Happens to Your Resume? An Inside Look into the Hiring Process

Sitting idly by your phone? Constantly refreshing your inbox in hopes of a response to your job ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Jan 29. 2018

When It's Not Love at First Sight: Spotting a Poor Manager in an Interview

Between polishing up your resume, dishing out a healthy serving of applications, and studying to become some kind of interview-slaying ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Jan 12. 2018

The 7 Commandments of Crafting a Professional Resume

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – ‘fun’ and ‘resume’ don’t blend as harmoniously as Batman and Robin or the scrumptious combination of peanut ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Jan 10. 2018

Simple Tactics for Helping Employees Find Meaning in Their Work

  What’s the probability that your employees would gleefully embrace ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Jan 09. 2018

HR Trends to Keep on Your Radar in 2018

  From social networking platforms and mobile applications to new engagement strategies, HR ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz