Pass the Stuffing and the Smiles at Work This Thanksgiving

Family, a scrumptious bowl of stuffing, and the mouth-watering aroma of roasted turkey means Thanksgiving is in the air. With the holiday just days away, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for. In the spirit of gratitude, use this opportunity to show your coworkers – the second family you spent a bulk of your time with – some appreciation. By showing your colleagues how thankful you are, you not only solidify the strength and quality of your relationship with that individual, but you will also see a corresponding effect on your work, interactions, and future networking as a result.

If you’re feeling festive this holiday, here are 5 ways to put your gratitude on display.

Pass the Stuffing and the Smiles at Work This Thanksgiving

Give Some Praise in a Team Meeting
Expressing appreciation in a public setting, such as a team meeting, is the perfect environment to give someone recognition for their work. An extravagant presentation isn’t necessary here. Instead, your compliment should emerge during natural conversation. If the meeting agenda entails each team member providing status updates on their portion of a project, your report can be tweaked to give props to a specific individual. For example, “The website design is slated to meet the deadline, thanks to Marissa, who added some artistic touches to the layout, which made the site easier to navigate.” This type of praise will help illustrate the value your coworker brings to the company.

A Cup of Joe or Tasty Treat Goes a Long Way
If you’ve been nostalgic for those beloved elementary school days when holidays and birthdays meant a delectable tray of cupcakes or cookies, this is the perfect opportunity to tap into your childhood. A fresh cup of coffee or a pastry from the local bakery will be welcomed with open arms by your coworker. It’s a simple, yet effective means for communicating your gratitude with a sugary-sweet treat – and it’s inexpensive.

Lend a Hand
Whether you offer to FedEx a package to a client for them, cover a portion of their shift so they can get a jump start on the holiday festivities with their loved ones, or simply agree to adopt one of the many responsibilities on their plate, the gesture will be immensely appreciated. Workloads around the holidays tend to fluctuate, with some individual’s experiencing a lighter to-do list while others face a profusion of added tasks. If you’re fortunate enough to see a reduced workload during the holidays, helping a coworker who may be inundated with work is a great way to show solidarity and appreciation for their efforts.

Grab a Bite to Eat
If you’re looking for a slightly grander gesture, consider treating your coworker to lunch. This gives you the opportunity to forge a deeper bond with your colleague, as well as show how meaningful their help or contribution has been to the team’s success.

Send Your Boss an Email

As employees, we constantly strive to illustrate our value and the quality of our work to the powers-that-be. Receiving personal recognition from a boss, especially as a result of a coworker praising you to your manager, is extremely rewarding. Emailing your boss (and CC’ing your colleague) is an incredibly meaningful gesture and the perfect way to extend your gratitude towards a coworker who has delivered some exemplary help on a task or project.

What are some of the ways you’ve shown or received appreciation in the workplace? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!