4 Signs It's Time to Welcome a New Employee to Your Team

4 Signs It's Time to Welcome a New Employee to Your Team

As a manager, having a team of motivated, inspired, and reliable workers can mean the difference between celebrating a profitable year and losing out on valuable customers. When you first assemble a team, it may feel like you hit the jackpot, with team members flowing with ideas and talent like a beautifully cascading waterfall. While your team experienced a few snags, overall, you've experienced nothing but success. That was, until the workload became a mounting pile of papers and your superstars started looking deflated and maybe even a bit apathetic. 

At one point in time, you believed your tight-knit team was capable of anything. But sometimes, you've got to face the facts: it's time to hire a new employee. Chuck any negative thoughts you may have about spending company dollars or having to go through the process of training a new employee out the door. Because if you turn a blind eye to your team's needs, you'll wind up facing monetary consequences and lose great employees down the road. Below are 4 signs that it’s time to start collecting resumes and preparing to welcome a new worker to your team.

You're Unable to Take on New Projects

One of the most obvious signs that you need a new addition to your team, is that your company isn’t able to take on more work. When your employees are just trying to stay above water and the thought of a heavier workload makes them sweat, it’s time to bring on someone to alleviate the pressure. Now, you’re asking yourself; isn’t bringing on a new person going to cost money? You’re a good boss; you like to pay a competitive salary, given benefits, so wouldn’t offering all of this to an additional person take away instead of giving back?

The upside to bringing a new player onto the team is that you’ll be able to bring on more clients, therefore extending a professional relationship with more companies and expanding your business. Imagine there was a client you had really wanted to bring on, but couldn’t because there was no way your team would able to get everything done? By being able to disperse work, you’ll be able to do more, which will only make your firm flourish.

Your Employees Are Swamped

While it’s good to see your employees hard at work, you don’t want to overload them with too much, up to the point where they’re working later than usual and are unable to meet their deadlines. Every day you see your employees coming in, frustrated, and dragging their feet. They skip lunch, work late, and their project is still not in on time. Instead of taking your frustrations out on them, this is a sign for you to bring on a new employee. Not only will this spread out the work, but it will also help retain the employees that you have, as you don’t want any resigning due to an unstructured workflow. Feeling motivated and being weighed down by work are two different things and too much work could affect office morale, which will make your team want to work even less.

You Could Be Missing Out

Every employee brings something to the table, but there could be an aspect of your workflow that could use someone with a specific skill set. Say you’re launching a new website; instead of scrambling together with your team to learn HTML, bring someone in with a computer background to help. Their expertise in the field could be exactly what your company needs to grow and they could, in turn, help the other members of your team learn, so to have one concise unit moving forward.

Your Business Suffers as a Result

When your team is lacking help, the effects usually trickle down eventually to your customers. By not being able to put your focus in on one thing, because you’re attempting to do it all; people will notice. Suddenly all those missed deadlines, unanswered calls, and sloppy work will cause people to stop using your business and convey to others not to do so. By bringing in someone new, you have more of a chance of everyone putting their best foot forward, as they do not feel overworked or frankly, demoralized. That means happier employees, better production, and satisfied customers!

Whether it’s been a hard road to find your core group of employees or you haven’t hired anyone new in years, there comes a time when you need to bring a fresh perspective to the team. Not to fill a role, but to create one. And while this may be confusing at times and you’re unsure if it’s the right thing to do, it never hurts to have another mind participating in the group and driving your company further.