First Day at a New Job? Here Are the Must-Ask Questions That'll Set You up for Success

With a new job comes a rollercoaster of emotions -– excitement that rivals Will Ferrell’s whenever Santa Claus is around in Elf, uncertainty surrounding whether or not you’ll fit in with your colleagues, an eagerness to succeed, anxiety over how comprehensive your training will be, and the inevitable confusion you’ll face when you accidentally sit at a coworker’s desk or wander into the wrong conference room.

The good news is, the barrage of conflicting emotions is completely normal, albeit a bit uncomfortable. Along with a fresh start comes the opportunity to set yourself up for success by asking questions and gaining important insight into the culture, processes, and overall lay of the land.

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6 Tips for Soothing Your Pre-Interview Jitters

Whether you’re a politician in the limelight, a big-wig business professional, or a recent college graduate, experiencing a spike in stress or anxiety before an event is perfectly normal. So, if you’ve been suffering from a case of pre-interview jitters, don’t beat yourself up about it. However, you shouldn’t let your nerves consume you and jeopardize your candidacy. To calm the butterflies in your stomach and make a great first impression, here are 6 tips to get you ready for your next job interview.

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