Promoting Company Culture to Recruit Top Talent

Employers tend to get immersed in the intricacies of attracting talent, forgetting that the hiring process is not just one-sided, it’s a two-way street. Identifying quality candidates and ascertaining whether or not they align with your organization from a cultural perspective is extremely important. However, in your quest to assess if the candidate has the right blend of skills, experience, and character traits, remember that the candidate is also evaluating your company. While they divulge their work history and perform any necessary qualifying tests, you need to deliver an equal amount of value, demonstrating why they should work for your company.

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Trends Reshaping the Anatomy of Our Workforce

The convenience of modern technology and the ability to procure information ‘on-demand’ has become a welcomed luxury in the workplace. Applications like Trello, designed to boost efficiency and collaboration among workers, and communication software like Skype, are shaping the way corporations conduct business. Between innovation in technology and the cultural shift in what constitutes as desirable in the workplace, employers are striving to update internal practices, reworking processes to align with the needs of the evolving workplace. This paradigm shift will continue to have a transformational impact on employers over the next few years, altering the way we connect, earn a living, and navigate the business world. Here's what's trending. 

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