Simple Tactics for Helping Employees Find Meaning in Their Work


What’s the probability that your employees would gleefully embrace the invitation to work for free? While money is certainly a motivating factor, providing the necessary means for putting food on the table month over month, it’s not a pivotal component in driving productivity - especially once our basic needs are satisfied. It’s the aspects of the job that stimulate our intrinsic ambitions, like professional development, greater autonomy, and the ability to express our thoughts and ideas, that have a profound impact on our level of motivation.

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First Day at a New Job? Here Are the Must-Ask Questions That'll Set You up for Success

With a new job comes a rollercoaster of emotions -– excitement that rivals Will Ferrell’s whenever Santa Claus is around in Elf, uncertainty surrounding whether or not you’ll fit in with your colleagues, an eagerness to succeed, anxiety over how comprehensive your training will be, and the inevitable confusion you’ll face when you accidentally sit at a coworker’s desk or wander into the wrong conference room.

The good news is, the barrage of conflicting emotions is completely normal, albeit a bit uncomfortable. Along with a fresh start comes the opportunity to set yourself up for success by asking questions and gaining important insight into the culture, processes, and overall lay of the land.

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HBO's Westworld: a Story of Cowboys, Robots, and the Importance of Recognizing a Good Employee

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Despite being a fictitious series based in a  futuristic utopia, HBO’s Westworld provides an important narrative on the delicate balance between supply and demand. The plotline centers around a very John-Wayne-esque theme park where the main attraction is eerily lifelike robots called “hosts.” With dozens, if not hundreds of storylines occurring simultaneously, the park's scriptwriters must continuously concoct new and innovative ways to entertain their customers - from nomadic cowboys leading a bounty hunt to booze-filled saloon's that are home to brawling and frivolity. 

With satisfied customers frequenting the western wonderland, the park experiences an uptick in revenue growth and a corresponding influx of shareholders. What keeps patrons coming back for more? The staff who run it, Westword shows us that employing the right individuals can have a transformational impact on the success of the company. converting a mere concept on paper to a full-fledged, prosperous establishment.

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Promoting Company Culture to Recruit Top Talent

Employers tend to get immersed in the intricacies of attracting talent, forgetting that the hiring process is not just one-sided, it’s a two-way street. Identifying quality candidates and ascertaining whether or not they align with your organization from a cultural perspective is extremely important. However, in your quest to assess if the candidate has the right blend of skills, experience, and character traits, remember that the candidate is also evaluating your company. While they divulge their work history and perform any necessary qualifying tests, you need to deliver an equal amount of value, demonstrating why they should work for your company.

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Conquering the First Day Back to Work After a Holiday with Ease


Sleeping in until noon, binge-watching hours of Netflix, and spending time with family and friends are some of the highlights of a holiday vacation. After weeks of arduous work, some much-needed time off from your daily grind is the perfect opportunity to recharge your brain. Whether your days were filled with traveling or you decided to get cozy with a good book, taking the time to reset means you'll be refreshed and ready to bring your A-game when Monday morning rolls around.

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Pass the Stuffing and the Smiles at Work This Thanksgiving

Family, a scrumptious bowl of stuffing, and the mouth-watering aroma of roasted turkey means Thanksgiving is in the air. With the holiday just days away, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for. In the spirit of gratitude, use this opportunity to show your coworkers – the second family you spent a bulk of your time with – some appreciation. By showing your colleagues how thankful you are, you not only solidify the strength and quality of your relationship with that individual, but you will also see a corresponding effect on your work, interactions, and future networking as a result.

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Tips for Conquering Your First Week at a New Job like a Pro

Whether an irrepressible excitement is coursing through your veins like an electric current or you’re feeling a bit queasy, starting a new career can often breed a slew of conflicting emotions. Feeling overwhelmed and apprehensive about whether or not you’ll fit in with your coworkers, if you’ll receive proper training, and what your workflow will be like, is a normal part of transitioning into any new role. While you’re bound to encounter a few speed bumps as your work to become acclimated with the new systems and procedures, don’t let fear overshadow your opportunity to shine. Here are some pointers for making a smooth transition and getting through your first week on the job with ease.

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Trends Reshaping the Anatomy of Our Workforce

The convenience of modern technology and the ability to procure information ‘on-demand’ has become a welcomed luxury in the workplace. Applications like Trello, designed to boost efficiency and collaboration among workers, and communication software like Skype, are shaping the way corporations conduct business. Between innovation in technology and the cultural shift in what constitutes as desirable in the workplace, employers are striving to update internal practices, reworking processes to align with the needs of the evolving workplace. This paradigm shift will continue to have a transformational impact on employers over the next few years, altering the way we connect, earn a living, and navigate the business world. Here's what's trending. 

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Walkers, Business, and Strength in Numbers According to The Walking Dead

"Great things in business are never done by one person;
they're done by a team of people."
– Steve Jobs

They may have lived in a post-apocalyptic reality, but in AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, the characters learn that evading the gruesome Walkers requires a cohesive strategy. Through coordination and collaboration, Rick and his survivors taught us the importance of forming valuable business relationships. When the putrid, corpse-like Walkers are salivating for a taste of you or your loved one for dinner, you'll need a reliable companion by your side. No company is successful without forging critical internal and external partnerships. These relationships will help propel the business towards their overaching goals. 

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Spandex, Shields, & Iron Suits: Career Advice as Told by The Avengers

From a narcissistic genius with specialized armory to a former special agent with a propensity for a bow and arrow, a slew of career-related guidance can be derived from the Avengers universe. Recruiting and building a team of gifted individuals is not only an arduous task, but it requires the same level of persistence that Nick Fury displayed throughout each movie. From the candidate perspective, you may not be a shield-wielding super soldier like Captain America, but mimicking his behaviors can easily propel you to the next level of your career. Here are some occupational pointers courtesy of Marvel's The Avengers.

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