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Nov 05. 2018

16 Memes About Jobs & Office Life That Are Hilariously Accurate

Each day you wake up (after pressing snooze several times), put your game face on, and start ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Apr 11. 2018

Marky Mark, Dial-Up, & Windbreakers: The Work Life of a '90s Employee

What do Beanie Babies, N’Sync’s swoon-worthy frosted tips, and the widespread use of ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Feb 27. 2018

Grab the Popcorn: These On-Screen Bosses Are Too Horrible to Be True

Throughout cinematic history, Hollywood has delivered a medley of terrible on-screen bosses. From micromanagers ...

author: Kelly Kantrowitz

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Aug 03. 2017

With Great Humor Comes Great Productivity

The normal, everyday office presumably does not run like Michael ...

author: Tia Fabi