Turkey, Stuffing, and a Serving of Appreciation at Work This Thanksgiving

Turkey, Stuffing, and a Serving of Appreciation at Work This Thanksgiving 

Does the thought of gobbling down turkey and stuffing over a four-day weekend have you as giddy as a child on Christmas morning? While a belly full of turkey is certainly something to look forward to, let's not forget the real meaning behind the Thanksgiving holiday -- I'm talking about giving thanks! This is the perfect time for you to show your appreciation for you coworkers and managers. After all, you spend a majority of your week with your office family, so why not show them just how much their support and camaraderie means to you.

Before management and your teammates hit the road for the big holiday weekend, take the opportunity to extend your appreciation and make sure they leave the office with smiles on their faces.

Potlucks For The Win

Everyone loves a good potluck. I mean, is there anything better than a food-filled afternoon with great company, tasty recipes, and scarfing down a homemade dish from each guest? Not only is this a great way to bring your team together, but it’s also an opportunity to share recipes, stories about family, and learn a bit more about your coworkers. If you cannot throw a potluck before the long weekend, schedule one for when you return to the office and have teammates bring in their scrumptious leftovers. From family to family, culture to culture, the Thanksgiving celebration brings different traditions and meals, meaning you and your colleagues get a chance to experience other norms and form deeper relationships with one another.

Thank You Notes

Sometimes, in a professional setting, it’s difficult to express your gratitude towards your coworkers face-to-face. Even emails could seem too personalized. Consider setting up a station in your office where everyone could scribble little notes of appreciation. These can later be can be hung up in a common area, displayed for the entire team to see, which will boost morale, instill a sense of 'oneness,' and make each coworker feel valued. Everyone should be encouraged to contribute an anonymous note, so that each time an employee passes the location where they're hung, they are able to read positive, encouraging messages each day.

Volunteer Your Time

On top of showing your appreciation towards your team, you can also give back to the community. Facilitate a time for you and your coworkers to volunteer at a local animal shelter or food bank to help your local community prosper and thrive. Coming together to help the less fortunate is incredibly meaningful work and will bring your team together in ways you could never imagine. 

All Fun and Games

During the season of giving back, it may not seem like a competition is the best idea, but putting a creative spin on a few friendly internal contests could help bring some Thanksgiving fun to your office. Try establishing a goal for your team to reach, and once it's achieved, the winner can donate the earnings to a charity of their choice. Not only does a competitive spirit get your team into an energized and innovative mindset, but by participating in a good cause for the holiday, your coworkers will be motivated to give it their all. 

Thanksgiving is a time of year that could easily be overlooked. After Halloween hits, it feels like we're on a fast track to Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year. But, let's be serious. Not only does Thanksgiving arguably have the best food out of all the holidays, but it's a time where we can focus our concentration on giving, rather than receiving. We all experience those times throughout the year when we feel worn down, stressed, and just downright burnt out. So, keep in mind that not only is this a good time to show gratitude towards your family, but also show the people you work alongside with how much they mean to you. Showing a bit of thanks can brighten anyone's day.