5 Reasons to Job Hunt in the Summer

Between sun tanning, backyard BBQ’s, and the glory of not having to wear four layers of clothes to go outside, you may think there’s no room for job searching in your schedule. In fact, you’re probably under the misconception that applying for a position during the summertime is not a good idea. However, beginning your search during the summer months is actually ideal and can yield a number of unforeseen benefits. Here’s why. 

Less Fish in the Swimming Pool

People are normally too preoccupied in the summer to concentrate on job searching. Even if landing a new position is on their to-do list, they’ll often put it off until the chilly, not-so-nice winter months. While other job seekers are enjoying the beach, you have the opportunity to score prime real estate on a recruiter or hiring manager’s desk. There tends to be less competition during this time of year, which increases your likelihood of scoring an interview when you invest in your job search efforts.

Managers Have More Time

When you do get the opportunity to speak with a hiring manager over the phone, it seems like they can hardly fit you into their busy schedule. In the summer, an HR manager will have more time to see you and therefore, you can make an early impression that’ll let them know that you’re someone to be highly considered for a position within the company.

Everyone is Happy in the Summer

Have you ever been to an interview where the person across from you just didn’t seem in the mood to be speaking with you? Did you ever go to an interview where you just weren’t feeling up to it? While winter time brings hot chocolate and snowflakes, it also has dreary weather and less daylight hours, which can put a damper on anyone’s mood. With good weather comes good vibes, so the summer is perfect for both you and your interviewer to be in better spirits when it comes time to meet face to face.

Networking is Easier

Maybe you aren’t exactly looking for a new job, but want to make connections. No one really wants to go out in the winter time; rather all the events are usually planned for the summer. Being able to be out in a crowd of people makes conversing with people easier and also, people are more inclined to speak freely about potential opportunities.

More Time to Do More

In the winter, when the job market is hot; you usually feel a rush to get your resume out there as soon as possible to make sure your candidacy stands out. At times this means you didn’t go back in and edit your resume or maybe you never worked on that cover letter you had meant to. In the summer, you have the time to put extra thought and creativity into your resume. You also have the time to get involved in additional projects, perhaps with the intention of transitioning into a new career field.

How do you plan on advancing yourself professionally this summer?

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Michele Loizzi is the Director of Recruitment Marketing Services at Human Edge.

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