Listen Up: These 4 Podcasts Will Boost Your Career

While it’s always fun to jam out to your favorite tunes on the way into the office, using your morning and commute to listen to some career-related podcasts will help get your inspiration flowing each day.  While you finally stop hitting the snooze button and begin preparing for the upcoming work day, turning on an audio show is the perfect way to boost your motivation and focus your mindset on having a productive day. Additionally, you’ll wind up consuming some highly effective tidbits on navigating the workplace, advancing your career, and tapping into your skill sets.

Don’t know which podcasts to tune in to? Fear not, we’ve put together a list of some of the best career podcasts out there for you to listen to!


Pivot is a great podcast if you are considering a career change or are undergoing a rather trying turning point in your life. Moments like these can feel astronomical, but Jenny Blake hosts the show and she’s great at helping people through these questionable times. As the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, Blake is looking to inspire listeners to take the next big step in your career, helping her audience discover opportunities in unexpected places.


As we step into 2021 and discuss the future of the workplace, freelance jobs are becoming increasingly popular as both a side hustle and full-time gig. And when you are your own boss, you have a slew of unique and complex challenges that on a completely different playing field from working for a company. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are your guides to working out any kinks you face in the freelancing world, providing expert tips on how to succeed in your dream job.


Just think of Angie Lee as your new best friend when it comes to injecting some motivation and inspiration in your career. As someone who spent years in debt, she now runs a seven-figure company. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to tune in and learn the secrets to her success? We all dream of advancing in our careers and having our ambitions realized, but sometimes it’s hard to locate the right tools and resources to do so. As someone who has been exactly where you are, Angie is witty, smart, and everything you could hope for in a podcast.


This is an incredibly popular podcast, with over 2,500 downloads per day. If you are looking to hear from writers, career coaches, and recruiters, this is the perfect place for you. On the daily, you’ll be able to listen to resume tips, job hunting advice, and everything else in between. With the market being as large as it is, it could be hard to stand out as a job seeker, and CareerCloud provides the tools and insight you need to make yourself shine.


For any company owner or leader of a team, you want your business and your employees to succeed. Being the person up at the top ushers in a whole new set of unique challenges. The good news is, Lead to Win is here to lend a helping hand. Run by Michael Hyatt, this award-winning best-seller is here to help you lead with confidence!

Let’s face it, Cardi B songs are contagious. But, having to transition from belting out her lyrics to suddenly acting like a grade A professional is a difficult mindset shift for anyone to effectively pull off. To really help you jump in and be motivated, career podcasts are a fantastic way to navigate the working world, advance your career, and step into the office with your confidence level high.

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Michele Loizzi is the Director of Recruitment Marketing Services at Human Edge.

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