Pick Me! How to Answer: “Why Should We Hire You?” in an Interview

“With all the talented candidates we are considering for this role, why should we hire you?”

Although this popular interview question is asked quite frequently by recruiters and hiring managers, when a job seeker hears this question during an interview, it’s usually followed by an accelerated pulse, sweaty palms, and that deer-in-headlights, freeze all motor functioning kind of look.  

However, a hiring manager’s primary goal during an interview is to assess whether or not you’d be the best fit for the position. And make no mistake, they will not shy away from asking you straight up why you’re the purple unicorn they’ve been searching for. While your knee-jerk reaction may be, “Because I need a job” or, “I’m broke as a joke,” these answers are not what the employer is looking for and it’ll certainly land your candidacy on the chopping block. 

Your answer should detail how your skills, personality, and experience align with the needs of the role and how you’ll benefit the future growth and success of the company. As annoying as this question may be, it’s a good opportunity for you to take center stage and put your strengths on display.

So, why exactly should an employer take a chance on you? Here’s how to craft a response that is sure to impress.

Find the Sweet Spot

When you’re attacking this question during an interview, it’s important to convey the harmony between what a hiring manager is looking for and what your personal career goals are. While you’ll want to demonstrate why you’re a fit culturally and experience-wise, don’t forget to talk about your vision for the future of your career and what you’re looking for in a potential role.

For example, highlight your accomplishments, using concrete, measurable examples, including any awards or certifications you hold, and then transition into why this position excites you – i.e. you’ll be able to broaden your skill set, do meaningful work, or take the next step in your career. By doing this, you’ll communicate your drive and why this position will inspire your motivation and creativity.

Anecdotes are a great way to argue your case by “showing” rather than simply “telling.” While anyone can claim they have strong communication skills, not everyone can use storytelling to paint a picture. For an example, you should talk about a specific moment where you exercised your communication skills, such as strategically negotiating a contract to save your company money. 

Travel a New Path

If you’ve already taken a deep dive into your skills and experience and don’t want to beat a dead horse, there’s an alternate approach you can take when answering this question. Since the goal is to highlight what makes you unique when compared with your competition – who you can assume possess similar backgrounds and qualifications – you should stress how invested you are in a future with the employer. This will require a deep understanding of the company’s industry, business, and challenges, all of which can be acquired by performing a bit of research online. When you dive into a conversation around your knowledge of the company, it’ll show the hiring manager that you can take the initiative to go beyond what’s expected of you. Additionally, talking about the company’s history and how you foresee yourself contributing to its future growth shows you’re a forward-thinking problem solver.   

Speak to Their Pain Points

It’s likely that your position is open because the company is trying to solve or overcome a particular challenge they’re facing. Build your response around how you can address these obstacles in the immediate as well as long-term. Your answer should communicate to the hiring manager that you are envisioning yourself in the role, can work collaboratively with others, and that you’re already brainstorming ways to improve processes or increase company revenue.

Instead of drowning in nervous sweat, next time your interviewer poses the question, “Why should we hire you?” you’ll be equipped to deliver a confident, concise response. By employing the above tips during your interview, you’ll stand out from other applicants and make your conversation with the hiring manager a memorable one.

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